Penetration testing

We will find the weak spots of your system or application before the attackers or users do and we will devise an efficient remediation. Get the broadest range of information regarding your systems' security.
All by ethical hackers.
We will thoroughly test you application, identify any weak spots and recommend optimal remediation. Service details

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Code review

We will master the code of your application, external components and configurations in depth through static code analysis. Our code review approach will uncover security vulnerabilities in your code, where traditional testing methods may fail. Our code review approach will uncover vulnerabilities in your code, where traditional testing methods may fail. Service details

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Consultation services

Deploy dedicated security experts to address specific security needs of your organization. They will design and implement thorough and reliable security measures. Addressing security early in your projects saves both time and money. Consider security in your project from the early start. Avoid unnecessary last-minute investments.Service details

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Security architect

The services of a security architect provide a quick and simple way to supplement the know-how of your project teams by expert knowledge in the area of information security. The security architect brings a new view into the software development process and helps you create secure applications within nowadays standards of the e-commerce era.

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Smart security

Security has become a keystone requirement of users in business transactions. It often makes the difference between a successful trade and the client backing out. Include security into your projects in the design phase and avoid the costly workload of rectifying security vulnerabilities in the future.

Security architecture

  • Validate your security designs against nowadays security best practices.
  • Achieve optimal security through the recommendations of a security expert.
  • Focusing on security in the project planning phase will bring significant savings compared to fixing vulnerabilities in a production deployment.

Software & algorithm’s validation

  • We will ensure your system does not suffer from security vulnerabilities due to 3rd party software/algorithms.
  • We will install, configure and model real use cases of any given component.
  • We will validate the security model of real-life deployment of 3rd party software.

insighti warranty

The security of your information will be in the capable hands of certified, ethical specialist utilizing the best available tools for reviewing the security of your applications.


Employee internal crime prevention

We offer psychological testing of integrity, loyalty and honesty; courses for personal security and fraud prevention; consultations in personal security, fraud prevention and diagnostics of moral integrity, loyalty and honesty.

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Personnel security

Nearly one half of companies admit they have been the victim of economic crime, mostly embezzlement. The abundance of economic crime is expected to be even higher, because not all companies would admit it. The average span of an economic crime is 2 years and the damages exceed 2 million Kč (ca 74 000 EUR). Nowadays the cyber crime is skyrocketing (13% to 31% in past 3 years) and in about 80% of the cases the perpetrator is an employee.

Psychological testing of integrity, loyalty and honesty

Verified, reliable and validated methods of forensic psychology can distinguish the loyal and honest from the disloyal and dishonest. Forensic psychology is often relied upon by courts and the police. Especially the impervious and objective CAE personality test is capable of detecting all fundamental personal risk factors, eg.:

  • proneness to fraud, unscrupulousness;
  • disloyalty - negative, even spiteful relation to the firm, workplace or superiors;
  • work dissatisfaction, frustration, contempt to assigned tasks, the feeling of unjust treatment;
  • proneness to criminal offenses;
  • greed - inadequate financial or other expectations; and
  • egocentrism, egoism - overestimation of own abilities.

The test also evaluates the psychological fitness of the employee for positions of extreme responsibility

Employee education

  • Course participants will gain knowledge and skills to efficiently protect the firm from internal crime.
  • The program is aimed at management staff responsible for personal security and fraud prevention.
  • Interactive methods - discussions, group work, auto-diagnostics, analyses of real-life situations.
The course covers topics such as:
  • The specifics of computer-related internal crime
  • Motivation for and causes of disloyal employee behavior
  • Typology of employees and managers regarding loyalty and honesty
  • Identifying unfaithful and fraudulent employees at the workplace/job interview/performance reviews...
  • Ways to foster work engagement and loyalty

insighti warranty

The professionalism and focus of testing and training is guaranteed by Dr. Miroslav Pokorný, a forensic and personal psychologist and an expert on workplace psychology and forensic psychology with more than 25 years of experience.


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