The Czech national bank, as an independent institution, takes care of price stability, oversees the financial system, promotes its balanced development, and ensures a smooth flow of money and payment.


Východoslovenská energetika, a.s. is a utility company providing electricity to around 500,000 of its customers. Since December 2014, we have worked with them closely to provide information security to each of their new projects.


We help, one of the largest Czech internet businesses, to reach their goal of making the internet the most popular source for Czech media with being consumers’ first choice. We have worked with them to provide in-depth examination of new functions, creating a secure site for their users.


The Liberec regional hospital is the largest health care provider in their region. We helped the hospital secure their internal Microsoft Active Directory, along with other internal services.


We helped Raiffeisen bank, repeated recipient of Bank of the year, prepare their web portal and microsite for the WebTop100 contest. Both sites passed the contest with flying colors.

Since February 2013, we have thoroughly evaluated the security of new functions for GoodData, a leader in cloud business intelligence. We are proud to provide the security for the data of more than 40,000 of their clients.


At they love their work and it was our pleasure to help Apiary with the security of their product. Apiary delivers an exceptionally powerful tool for API design and management – their motto being “Visibility. Consistency. Happier developers.”


BudgetBakers is a successful Czech startup which manages and plans personal finances. We conducted a comprehensive security test of their Wallet App. We tested both the actual web app and the mobile apps used in both Android and iOS as well as the security on the server side. Our work provides security for over a million of their clients who now use the Wallet App for their personal finances.

In 2014, we carried out an external penetration test for one of the biggest e-shops on the Czech market, In doing this, we help to protect its clients’ personal, financial and transaction data from unauthorized access or abuse.


Kros, a.s. is a Slovak supplier of popular economic, construction, and expert computer programs with over 100,000 clients. We tested the application software, focusing on securing communication between servers and individual clients, checked common vulnerabilities, and tested the platform’s resistance to hacker attacks.


MARKET VISION s.r.o. is the largest domestic mystery shopping provider. The company rates dealerships based on test purchases, conducts price analyses, and makes comparisons with competing dealers. Annually, it implements more than 140 projects for about 80 clients and has 4400+ mystery shoppers. Our ethical hackers have thoroughly tested one of the Market Vision portals, analysed its vulnerability, and tested security of personal and business data.


Atos is a large international company with 93,000 employees in 72 countries all around the world. We helped the Slovak branch fulfill strict client-requirements regarding the security of their delivered solutions.

Cryptelo is a data-sharing service focusing on security of sensitive corporate data through latest cryptographic methods. insighti helps Cryptelo keep their high security standards through penetration testing and code review.


State environmental fund of the Czech Republic is an institution that reports to the Ministry of the Environment and was established in 1992 to facilitate investments in environmental protection and improvement in the Czech Republic. Every year it allocates billions of Czech korunas to thousands of projects. Our ethical hackers have thoroughly tested the security and vulnerabilities of the two web applications of the Fund at and www,

In 2010, CircleTech introduced the first ever application for comprehensive security of mobile communication, i.e. encryption of calls, messages and e-mails, on the market. insighti helps CircleTech to assess the security of the infrastructure by external black box penetration tests.


Sefima develops software specialized for administrations in the health sector. Together with insighti, they have reached excellent, personal and financial data security in their cloud platform for remote access to their services.


ShopSys offers a brand of e-shop solutions for the Czech Republic. When developing the new version of their product, they relied on insighti’s security experts. Since pinpointing vulnerabilities was difficult to achieve in that setting, their approach to security should be praised.

Since November 2013, we have been a partner with Security Innovation. Together, we have carried out numerous penetration tests for some of the most prominent global companies.