Physical Security Testing

Project Description

Get your facility hacked.

Find out if you are ready to handle
a physical breach.

Physical Security testing

From locks to personnel response time and more.

Physically protecting your information assets is a necessity, or all other means of protection become pointless.

Our insight.


Frequently asked, always answered.

During the test, will anything get damaged?

It is possible to perform the test without notable damage done to the facility. However, the level of escalation will be determined in the rules of engagement prior to the test. This can allow for a price limit of damage created during the test and allow for escalation, if desired.

Can this test be done in conjunction with other tests?

Yes, this is most effective if done in combination with social and cyber testing.

What types of access systems can be tested?

We can test keyed entry locks, RFID, magnetic, padlocks, and more.

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