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Protect financial data and PII assets.

Invest in security.

Finance & Banking

Find peace of mind, knowing the information is secure.

Whether you are a bank, credit union, insurance company, credit card company, or other financial institution, insighti can help you with your security needs.

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Frequently asked, always answered.

What is the difference between a vulnerability scan and a penetration test?

A penetration test is a security verification technique that attempts to find and exploit security vulnerabilities with the intent to improve or prove security of a system. This often includes the manual work of designing and planning attack vectors that can include one or more found vulnerability or known information. A vulnerability scan finds known vulnerabilities but cannot combine or exploit those vulnerabilities to further verify security of a system.

How can insighti help with our GDPR and PCI requirements?

While many regulations around security are needed, we can help provide the security testing for these regulations. Most require some level of penetration testing or risk analysis, and insighti can help provide that testing to meet requirements and fulfill compliance.

How do you estimate the project or build a quote?

The simplest way to estimate a project and build a quote is by having someone from our team take a quick look at the environment to determine the size of scope. We found that this provides the most accurate result for the quoting process and allows for the project to include the desired scope without being over priced.

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