Web Applications

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Web applications

will always be targets.

Get your web-app hacked!

Web Applications

Security testing using standards like OWASP’s ASVS.

The best way to limit the risks of a web-app breach is through secure development and security testing.

Our insight.


Services for web applications.

Frequently asked, always answered.

Why are web applications often targets of attacks?

Web applications are a common target, simply, because of accessibility.To allow for any user around the globe to connect with online services, this open exposure also allows for attackers to have that same ease of access.

Will you fix the problems? Can I retest once they are fixed?

We will make industry best standard recommendations for each vulnerability, however, we choose to not provide a solution implementation in order to remain an independent third party. This allows us to continue to provide retesting once the solutions have been implemented.

What is the difference between a vulnerability scan and a penetration test?

A penetration test is a security verification technique that attempts to find and exploit security vulnerabilities with the intent to improve or prove security of a system. This often includes the manual work of designing and planning attack vectors that can include one or more found vulnerability or known information. A vulnerability scan finds known vulnerabilities but cannot combine or exploit those vulnerabilities to further verify security of a system.

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