Red Team Exercises

Project Description

Experience cybernetic warfare.

Be prepared when hackers knock on your door.

Red Team Exercises

Give security response teams real experience in cyber-warfare.

Focus on your security threat detection and security incident response capabilities.

Our insight.


Frequently asked, always answered.

What is a red team?

A red team is the adversarial team which will be finding vulnerabilities, attempting to exploit them in order to escalate privileges in the network.

What is the purple team?

The purple team is responsible for acting as a go between the red and blue teams. They help keep track of what progress each team has made and work to make the operation smooth and successful.

How long does a RedTeam Exercise take?

The time it takes to complete the exercise depends on the scenarios that are chosen and if scenarios are replayed for further learning. We will work with the organization to set goals for the exercise and what learning objectives are desired for the security personnel.

What is a blue team?

A blue team is the defending group in charge of noticing, responding, cutting off progress, and securing against the actions of the red team. This team is made up of your company security personnel.

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