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Get your device hacked.

Push security to the edge.

Devices and IoT

Smart devices require smart security.

Device security through reverse engineering and hardware hacking.

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Services for devices and IoT.

Frequently asked, always answered.

What is the benefit of having a product tested by an independent 3rd party?

When a product is tested by an independent third party, it provides a sense of openness about the security of a product that is not easily gained otherwise. Additionally, it provides a new look into the platform that could uncover security issues that are often missed with familiarity with the system.

How do you estimate the project or build a quote?

The simplest way to estimate a project and build a quote is by having someone from our team take a quick look at the environment to determine the size of scope. We found that this provides the most accurate result for the quoting process and allows for the project to include the desired scope without being over priced.

Can you help our company choose secure third party devices?

Yes, insighti is able to, with permission, review and evaluate the security of 3rd party solutions. This allows our clients to make an informed decision about which solution to use based on the pros and cons of each.

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